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Coming in all shapes and sizes, from raw materials to finished items, and transported to and from every major trade lane, plastic and rubber goods are at the very centre of most modern global supply chains.

From natural polymers to petrochemical derivatives and thermoplastics, these commodities are essential to the manufacture, processing or packaging of products across countless other industries. What’s more, the management of plastic/rubber by-products, recyclables and scrap materials is a substantial industry in itself.

Scale and knowledge ideal for plastics and rubber industries
Successfully servicing this colossal need requires a global-scale shipping and logistics operation, not to mention expert knowledge of the sector.

That’s why so many of the world’s leading plastic and rubber companies choose OTS Global Shipping as their transport partner.

Why choose OTS Global Shipping?

Fast transit times across all key trade lanes.
Outstanding global port coverage and connectivity, enabling loading close to point of origin.
Reliable and well-maintained equipment which is positioned right where you need it.
Expert sector knowledge, available globally

Customer service tailored to your needs

What consistently sets OTS Global Shipping apart is our outstanding customer service. We work hard to build productive relationships with our customers, taking time to get to know their business properly; that way we’re able to offer flexible solutions that reflect their changing needs.

Our global offices are staffed with experienced, knowledgeable teams ready to provide expert guidance on shipping your plastic or rubber products both locally and globally.

If you need more help or information…
If you’d like to find out more about how OTS Global Shipping can help save you both time and money, get in touch with your local OTS Global Shipping office now.
Plastics & Rubber Products

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