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Corporate Social Responsibility at OTS Global Shipping

When you work with us, you work with a partner who is committed to promoting corporate social responsibility throughout the supply chain.
We are committed to conducting our business in a responsible and transparent manner. This is an integral part of our core values and extends throughout our supply chain.

Our commitment to responsible business practice covers a number of different areas, including anti-corruption, health and safety, a sustainable supply chain and making investments in the communities where we operate.

Removing barriers to economic development

Containers are the building blocks of global trade, connecting producers and customers across the world. Continuous trade expansion and access to global markets can help generate economic development, stimulate job creation, increase people’s income and raise living standards.

However, in growth markets where the need for this is biggest, various obstacles continue to hamper trade - such as the lack of infrastructure, corruption, burdensome documentation processes, supply chain inefficiencies, and a lack of logistics know-how, to mention just a few.

At OTS Global Shipping, we are committed to helping overcome these obstacles. We do this through the way in which we work internally and with our partners and customers, as well as through specific projects in local communities.

Local community projects

One way that we play an important role in addressing the obstacles to economic development is through professional and educational training of the future workforce. Two of these long-term projects, both designed to enable further growth and development of the local community, are described below.

Containers in the Community

For the past few years, decommissioned OTS Global Shipping containers have been recycled into permanent buildings - including schools and clinics - for poor communities. Over the years, our Containers in the Community programme has helped create schools and preschools that today educate approximately 5,000 children and young adults.

We have a long tradition of supporting the communities in which we operate. In order to ensure focus in our support, we have identified two global themes that we prioritise:

Disaster relief & preparedness
Empowering trade

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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